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Frequently Asked Questions


Is there a sign-up fee?

No. We are here to help you make money, not spend it on unnecessary fees.

Is there a contract?

Yes, if you purchase a package. As any attorney knows, the parameters and expectations of parties must be laid out so that there is no confusion about each parties responsibilities. Our virtual assistant services can be purchased in packages so we are already set to go when you contact us and /or on a project-to-project basis. 

Is there a minimum Billable time?

No. We take all projects, big and small and only bill for the time required to review information and draft any documents. 

Is there a charge for edits or corrections?

NEVER! If something is incorrect or you have minor edits, there will be no charge. We pride ourselves on getting your documents right the first time but, if we do not, we will ensure they are corrected. You're paying for the work, why should you need to pay more for it to be correct?

What is the payment method?

We process all payments via credit card or check. All projects are billed at the time of completion.

Are your Paralegals Experienced?

Yes. Every paralegal at Veritas Lex has a minimum of twenty years of direct, hands-on experience in the law field.

Can any attorney in my office use my package?

Yes, as long as we receive your authorization for them, and you have time available on your package, we will provide services to anyone in your office and bill against your package hours. No extra fees or increased charge.

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