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          Why should I choose Veritas Lex?

  •  Up to a 62% yearly increase in profit.

  • 15% - 25% savings to client.

  • No overhead

  • No vacation/sick/personal time off.

  • No health insurance costs.

  • No payroll taxes.

  • No worker's Compensation Insurance.

  • No Covid-19 related costs or adjustments.

  • According to the SBA, an average of 2.5 hours a day are spent on non-work related matters per employee, per day - you ONLY PAY FOR WORK THAT IS DONE AND WHICH MAKES YOU A PROFIT.

                               See all the ways that Veratis Lex, LLC makes sense for your practice here!


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The benefits of professional, experienced help without the huge costs. All done in a Covid-19 safe manner.

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