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What is a virtual paralegal?

Updated: Aug 31, 2020

Virtual paralegals are independent contractors who support and supplement law offices both small and large. These off-site paralegals are specifically trained to offer support to attorneys and law firms, with education and experience to facilitate what is needed from afar which allows for growth of your practice without the growth of your overhead.

Like a traditional paralegal, a virtual paralegal works under the direct supervision of an attorney, or multiple attorneys, depending upon their client load at any particular time. Learn More.

The benefits of hiring a virtual paralegal

There are some advantages to working with a virtual paralegal:

Virtual paralegals are paid only for the hours they are needed, and so can be additional help during large cases or times of growth.

Their substantive legal work can be billed to the client just as attorney time would be

Many of the regular employee costs are reduced or eliminated, such as taxes, benefits, insurance, and on-site space and equipment.

This option is accessible to small law firms and sole practitioners who do not have the cash flow to hire a full-time paralegal.

Attorneys who work in rural areas can have more flexibility about who they work with

Since paralegals do not have the same jurisdictional restrictions as attorneys, their flexibility can benefit those working in federal practices, as well.

When working with a virtual paralegal, an attorney or law firm should:

Have a clear idea about the needs of the firm—Are you looking for a paralegal available for a few hours a week to draft and file documents, or someone tasked with completing large-scale projects on a regular basis?

Confirm availability and discuss your expectations—make sure they will have time for the work you need and can be as flexible as you require.

Create a reliable channel of communication—whether it’s via phone, email, text, or in-person meetings.

Ensure that they have all the necessary equipment—phone, computer, scanner/copier, secure Internet connection, software, antivirus protection, and offsite backup.

Remember that a virtual paralegal is an independent contractor—and is free to take on as many jobs as they wish, for various attorneys practicing in different areas of law.

Secure confidential information—both that belonging to the firm and to Have a confidentiality agreement ready for the paralegal to sign as well.

Whether it’s a temporary fix, help in growing your practice or a long-term solution, virtual paralegals can be a significant move that allows for growth and financial gain and is becoming a game changer for law firms and sole-practitioners around the country.

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