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Virtual Paralegals - Not Just For Solo Practitioners.

Updated: Aug 31, 2020

Why should you consider virtual assistance? See what Forbes has to say. Read here.

Law firms come in all shapes and sizes but, the one constant is you need help to be able to take on more clients to increase profits. The virtual paralegal can be an invaluable tool to allow you to supplement your staff and free up your time for more clients, without adding to your employee expenses. See How.

Regardless of your firm size, personnel issues are always something that must be dealt with. You have good employees, bad employees, personality issues between co-workers, personal matters that distract or cause lost time for employees, rules and regulations to be addressed and constantly reviewed and, in today's current environment, Covid-19 issues to address. Not to mention requests for raises or promotions. What do you get for this series of headaches?

According to a study cited by the ABA, on average, 2.5 hours a day, per employee, is spent on matters either not related to your practice or on matters not generating a profit for your firm. In addition, with vacation, sick and personal days, your firm loses on average 21 days of work from each employee per year.

With services such as Veritas Lex, LLC you avoid all the above-mentioned employee problems and issues and pay for no days off, no idle time, nothing that is not directly making you a profit. As the old adage goes, "work smarter, not harder."

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